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Well as much as i would like to say I stuck with the tried and true blog.cfc fb4 example code that sean built up for us. That would just not be true.I am building this blog based on that code, however I am in the process of bastardizing the blog.cfc to act as a service layer for an OO model.

As I progress through this conversion I will post things that come up and that I think are of note.

Mach-ii Bean Creator

I found this in the forums. The author has created a javascript in his site to allow you to specify the name, and attributes of your bean, and it will create the CF code necessary to create your CFC. Jon’s Easy Mach-II Bean Creator

Although Jon intended this for use in mach-ii apps, it also applies to any OO cf development. Including the use of an OO model for a fusebox app. Utilizing the DAO pattern in your model, this will create your transfer objects in this location at Beachway.

Fedora Core 3

So in a bit of a bind today, I needed to install a dev server. Rather than go with my tried and true, FC2 I decided to install my freshly downloded Fedora Core 3.Install went very smooth. Picke the workstation build and then customized the packages to include the “Web Sever”, “Windows File Server”, and “MySql Database” packages. Unlike previous installs, none of these services start by default on load. I had to add them to the runlevel init. As well in past installs picking the msyql install installed server and client files, however in fc3, it only installed the client.

After installing Java 1.4.2_06 via rpm from Sun, I was able to run the installer for Jrun. No hitches there but I did have to select the location of my jvm in my /usr/java/j2sdk… folder. CFMX install went smoothly and I thought I was set…

Oh, how wrong I was. When trying to configure apache to connect to cfmx for cfm parsing, I found I was unable to run the wsconfig.jar. After trying to install it I was told…

This script is a placeholder for the /usr/bin/java master link required by conventions. libgcj's rmiregistry, rmic and jar tools are now slave symlinks to these masters, and are managed by the alternatives(8) system.This change was necessary because the rmiregistry, rmic and jar tools installed by previous versions of libgcj conflicted with symlinks installed by JVM packages. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: while resolving class: jrunx.kernel.JRun

It was very unhappy. I dont know what this mapping script is all about, but it took some effort ( and some paniced moments I WAS IN A HURRY) I realized that if I ran the wsconfig from inside a terminal in X, and I specifically used the full path to the java binary, I was able to make it run.

So now my server is all set up. Apache is happy, mysql is happy( i downloaded the rpm’s form Jrun and CFMX are happy. I am ready to go. Just one more step…. restart apache so the new jrun mapping will take effect.

Boink! No go. permission denied on the .so needed by apache. Checked the permissions against other files, all seemed to be well… so what now.

Well it turns out that FC3 installs with SELinux enabled by defualt. After going in and disabling this, and restarting the server, everything really did work fine. I found the SElinux settings in System Security, under System Settings in the Application Menu.

I dont know the implications of turning this off. I assume that this machine is now as secure as my other linux machines not using SELinux. I dont know what files are modified if you dont have X installed, but I hope that this will help you start your search if you run into a similar problem.

Linux Java Exploit

Yes thats right, a security problem for two of my favorite things – linux and java.Reported on Salon A vulnerability was found last month in the java files that allow a virus to sneak from windows into linux. Although Sun patched this last month, it is just now hitting the news.

The Java plug-in enables small web programs, known as applets, to run safely on a user’s computer with computer monitors for gaming. But the security flaw allows a malicious website accessed through a victim’s browser to bypass those protections.

The article goes on to explain that the vulnerability allows users to bypass security in the browser to browse read run or upload files to your computer.

Although the article only mentions windows and linux, I imagine this is something that could be a problem for mac users as well. Apple typically distributes its own version of the java files so that may not be the case. :) Here is hoping.

Additional thoughts on Nintendo DS

Ok, I have had a couple days to play with my ds now. And although my initial thoughts were very critical I am finding that they dont bother me so much any more.A little introduction on the DS. The DS is nintendo’s newest game console creation. Although it is backwards compatible with the Gameboy Advanced games, it is not named a Gameboy. The DS is a new hand-held gaming platform which from the name you might tell, has Dual Screens(DS). For most of us developers, dual screens apply to monitors positioned side by side. The DS however has two screens positioned one over the other. At first glance these appear to be just the normal GBA screens but once you start playing you will quickly notice the difference. I do not have any stats on the screens, but it is very apparent that the new screens are tops.

In addition to having two screens, the lower screen is actually a touch pad. When I heard this was in the plan I have to admit that I thought it very odd. In addition to allowing you to chat and draw pictures with other DS owners in your area, this acts as a dynamic analog control pad.

That may not seem like much but after playing the metroid demo, and the Mario 64 DS (thats right this handheld has 2 processors as powerful as the nintendo 64) I believe this will change the way we play games in the future. Currently all games are built based on the preset of a certian number of buttons. But as you can see from the metroid demo, this lower screen/pad can be configured to have as many buttons in as many places as a user would need. So for example (again in the metroid demo) this lower pad acts not only as a live updated map of your level with your location, it also has several buttons to activate your powerups. The upper screen always has your First Person View and player statistics.

I have for a very long time played more games on my pc than my consoles because of the configuration options that are available with my keyboard. However the new options that the DS brings to the table lead me to believe that we soon have a new breed of games that allow custimization and control previously only available after many hours of configuration on a pc.

Thats all for now, but stay tuned for more….

And before I go, did I mention the sound? Oh the glorious stereo sound?

CFPARAM Enhancements In Blackstone

I saw this over on Sean’s Blog. Among the many new features included in the Blackstone beta include some enhancements to the cfparam tag.

Now this in and of itself is not really that exciting because what can they do to make cfparam better right? It just make sure something is defined before you use it, and lets you set a default value right?

Not SO! I often forget that the cfparam tag can also be used to so a variable is required. And in blackstone it appears that we will also be able to do type checking. No just number and string, but e-mail, url, ssn….


Macromedia, have I told you today that I love you?

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Nintendo DS

Ok, I am a gadget whore. Its true. I would like to say that I have some restraint but I do not. :(

My wife (carrie) and I were out shopping yesterday, and we happened to go into Target. A friend, had mentioned that the Nintendo DS would be in stores starting on the 19th and since we were past that, I had my eye out. Carrie and I had decided that if they had any in stock I would pick one up.

As we were wandering through the store, I lead us towards the Electonics section. I was suprised to see that they had two in stock.

I thought this is too cool. And we picked one up. I have some initial thought on the DS (coming soon).

But I didnt realize how lucky i had been. At work today I found out that one of my coworkers is looking for one, and cant find one in the entire city.

Sometimes I just get lucky :)