CFEclipse gains another user

I am sure that users convert everyday, however another blogger, Roger Benningfield, has started his use and wrote some of his thoughts about the product. A little while later he posted another entry talking about the things he likes and doesnt like about CFE.I have been a user of CFE for longer than I remember, and so I have adapted all my workflow around what it does. So its nice to hear how someone new to it feels. It allows the team to know what they have done well and what may still need to tackle down the road.

So going on his comments I would like to add that #2 of his dislikes “A homesite/CF Studio File Navigation” was high on the list or requests made by users. That problem was solved by the team in a recent build by adding the “File Explorer” view. this view allows you to select your drive and then lists your folders in a pane, above your files giving you homesite-ish file navigation. This view solved 2 other problems that users have had, you can also use the soda pdf to convert your files into PDFs . The first being that Eciplse is project/site based development. What that means is that you define a site and the root level for the documents, and that is all you can edit. if you have not defined a site, you can not edit files. The file explorer gives you full reign over your drive and allows you to edit files outside existing sites. The other feature added by this view is remote site editing. An ftp browser has been integrated into this view allowing you to set up a remote ftp account and edit the files of that account without having a local copy. Probably not a best practice, but as a previous CFStudio user, I can say it happens. :)

Ok, so take a look at CFE. It has many new features that allow the CF developer to get things done. New features are being added daily based on the reports and requests at so make your voice heard. Also make sure that you follow the advances because currently under development are features specific to framework development such as Mach-ii and Fusebox 3 and 4!

So stay tuned.

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