Flash Remoting Adventure

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am not a flash guru. I have worked on a couple projects, and one with remoting. Today, i feel like I was trying to troubleshoot with a blindfold on.I have decided I have a gripe. I am sure there are security reasons that back the need for the details that led to my ultimate frustration. However, that helps me feel better, not at all.

On my powerbook, I run jrun, with cfmx running in an instance. I also have apache set to proxy requests to cfmx. This has worked great for me in my CF Development. However today, i decided to try to get pollster ( see DRK 5) working. Pollster is a Hybrid Application allowing you to set up polls in a cf admin and take the polls via a flash interface. You can see the pollster app in action on Ben Forta’s blog and Christian Cantrell’s blog as well.

Anyway, the trouble all boils down to this. Jrun has flash remoting built in that allows you to interface Flash with java. CFMX has flash remoting built in that allows you to interact with cfc and cfm pages. However, the Jrun version will not proccess cfc and cfm files.

All of this is very fine, with the exception of i cant find a way to figure out which one of these is answering my Remoting calls. I can use the netconnection debugger to see what the problem is, (my problem is it cant find my components) but I have no idea which server is doing the work.

This leads me to the problem that frustrated me all day long. i have no idea where to put my files to get them to process via flash remoting. I have tried having them in the docroot set up by apache, the docroot for jrun server, the docroot for cfmx server, I have tried setting up a mapping and trying to reference them via that.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon in sean corfields breeze room where Matt Woodword worked valiantly to help me get my gear running. Spike and Sean chimed in also, but as of yet, I cant get pollster running.

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What a mess. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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