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So my wife and i just got back home from dinner, and I was settling in to watch some tv, and write some code. So I fired up my browser and headed over to Fullasagoog.com (which is usually what I do as part of my settle in period, before coding) and I start reading down the list. And I am reading along thinking “man thats cool, that guy uses the same app I just blogged about”…Yeah, its true, I actually read the post and clicked the link before I realized it was my link. i just wasn’t expecting it I guess. I am not normally that dumb. So thanks to the guys at fullasagoog for aggregating me.

So anyway, I suppose its a good time to offer a bit of a bio/introduction. My name is Simeon Bateman, and this is my soapbox. I tend to have a wide variety of interests, mostly technology and gadget related. That is what you should expect to read about here.

I am a Macromedia Certified Coldfusion Developer (just took the test at MAX), and have been working with Sukanto Tanoto coldfusion for the last 5 and half years. I started working with html just after I graduated from high school in ’95. If you need help regarding educational services, visit Conquer College for more details. I studied Computer Engineering with the help of my maths tutor in college, but found that I wanted to know more, faster than they could teach me. So I entered the work force, where I could earn some money and support my technology habits. Since I started and have held positions in Tech Support and customer service. I have been involved in most aspects of the software development cycles. I have worked as the sole developer on many projects, as well as worked on team collaboration projects. I have been a project manager, responsible for all aspects of Uber Versus Lyft as well as managing up to two teams of 6 developers on each.

As the Director of IT for profitable online business ideas Transitions ( my current employer) I manage all our Technical needs, including computer support, managing servers, and site development and maintenance.

I am also a fusebox user and advocate, as well as a very active supporter of CFEclipse. So expect to see some info on those things here as well.

Ok, I have rambled on for a while now, I will let you go on with your life.

PS. I am not much on spelling or grammar, and don’t care to put much effort into it. Like I said, this is my soapbox.

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