Implementing Site Sub Apps

I have completed the OO Dao implementations I started with sean and rays blog code. My site is running happily and I like what I have created.I have always said that I planned on releasing the code that I created when I was done, and I am preparing to do so.

But I have a question.

When playing with an application like this do you prefer it to be set up as just that, an application. Assuming that you will launch it from a web root and such. Or is it better to set it up so that it runs from a subfolder of an existing application?

This is a fusebox app, so it can easily be integrated into another fb41 app. However I would like to arrange it so it provides as little set up as possible.

The reason for the question is directed at the path to the cfc’s in the application. If the app is set up in the docroot, no mappings are required. However if you put it in a subfolder the cfc’s need to know their path and a mapping may be required for setup.

So how do YOU set up apps for distribution?

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