Link Dump

Every so often I get to a point where my inbox has about 4-6 emails that are out of date but dont fit in my current filing scheme. In the past I would have a misc folder and stash them in there for a bit. but then I tend to forget about them, and end up with a big UK Magento host that have no apparent use. Most often this happens because in chatting with someone they mention something cool, and I say “Hey shoot me that link” and then I dont get time to look at it, so it sits in my in box.This is the reason for todays link dump.

Mark Drew sent me a link to a collaboration plugin for eclipse. We are hoping in the future to make use of it in developing for CFE.

As a technology zealot, i often find myself pushing the limits of some hardware. In the case of a friends xbox, I needed some software that is not always easy to find. This tutorial is a reminder of where to find such files.

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