Linux Java Exploit

Yes thats right, a security problem for two of my favorite things – linux and java.Reported on Salon A vulnerability was found last month in the java files that allow a virus to sneak from windows into linux. Although Sun patched this last month, it is just now hitting the news.

The Java plug-in enables small web programs, known as applets, to run safely on a user’s computer with computer monitors for gaming. But the security flaw allows a malicious website accessed through a victim’s browser to bypass those protections.

The article goes on to explain that the vulnerability allows users to bypass security in the browser to browse read run or upload files to your computer.

Although the article only mentions windows and linux, I imagine this is something that could be a problem for mac users as well. Apple typically distributes its own version of the java files so that may not be the case. :) Here is hoping.

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