Making the powerbook Trackpad Useful

I am a recent convert to the powerbook love. i was really concerned when i made the switch, because not only is there only one mouse button, but I am also a habitual control stick user( i had a dell inspiron 8100 with both).So until today, I have not had any problems using my trackpad. And I had not thought about why. Well as it turns out, today I have had lots of problems.

About 3 seconds after i got my powerbook I installed SideTrack. SideTrack is a program that adapts the way your touchpad works. It allows you to add scrolling edges, and corner tap zones which you can then assign functionality too. So I have corners set to use expose and right click, as well as vertical and horizontal scroll zones.

So today the trial version I was using expired and I went back to normal trackpad usage. i have to say, i have never spent $15 faster. Although the software is shareware and I could have gotten the new version for free, I sent in my money.

If you are a powerbook user I can not recommend enough that you take a look at SideTrack

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