OO CF 101 – No Patterns Required

Although you might never guess utilizing OO in cf, actually requires no knowledge of Design Patterns what so ever.Now you have to understand that my saying that goes entirely against everything I have practiced in the last 6 months. I have been sucking up every bit of written knowledge i can get my eyes on, and working very hard at implementing these OO concepts in CF.

Scott over at Mossy Blog posted an excellent list of resources for those looking to learn more about patterns. I would also add to his list Martin Fowlers “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” which Sean Corfield recommended to me.

I am always playing the devil’s advocate, so although I am currently working hard at learning the concepts that Design Patterns present, I feel its important to understand the other side of the argument. Design Patterns are just as they describe. They are descriptions of patterns that have been seen in application design. Which means that the concepts they portray actually existed before the term “Design Pattern”. And although the trend is to go out and read and learn everything you can about a subject, it is not a requirement for the course.

It is entirely possible to create an application that utilizes cfcs as objects without knowing or (potentially) using design patterns at all.

So if you are just coming to cf and you see Scott, and Joe, and myself ranting about Design Patterns, please dont take this as something requiring study. Because in truth, until you have used one of the patterns yourself (without knowing it) its very difficult to see how they will apply to your development.

Ok, that being said I also want to note that if you do want to see examples of OO design in CF stay tuned here, because I will be releasing the code for my blog soon, but also check out Joe’s Pretty Practical Pattern Post

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