OO Design of My Blog

Let’s start this by reminding the reason I am implementing the blog using OO Design, is much for the learning of the pitfalls and challenges in doing such.
For a much more in depth idea about learning OO in cf I recommend you read some of the articles written by Hal Helms.

Ok so lets just jump into this. In this blog there are 3 main types of objects we need to keep track of. These are entries, categories, and comments. Any one of these objects knows about itsself. It knows about its properties, and has some methods(functions) that allow us access to those to set and retrieve information.

Ok, well by them selves these objects dont do us a lot of good. So we need to design an interface to access them. Ray’s existing blog does a really good job of setting up an interface. We already have methods to access all of the information that is relavent to our application. So we will use his blog.cfc as a API to our data model. This will allow me to re implement the cfc’s in the back end without having to make any more modifications to seans fusebox code.

So lets take a second to reflect on the other types of information we need to access. All our objects will need to be persisted. Mainly this well include storing our data in a database. We also need to be able to retrieve information from the database, both as single entities, and as groups of records.

So that will be the topic of my next post on building the OO model of this blog.

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