Pro Sports – Take away the money

I had the pleasure of watching the portland trailblazers take a beating at the hand of the Phoenix suns last night. If you just checked the score you might have thought it was a close game. 121-99 only a 22 points difference. Now I am not a basketball fan, so maybe that really is a big difference, but I couldn’t tell you. The Suns dominated us, worked us, and made us look bad. By “us” I mean the portland team, because that is home to me.

Anyway, the point of the post is not that. Its that I think I have finally figured out why I dont watch more sports. Its because I dont respect the players. These guys get paid way too much money to work out and play games that they obviously enjoy. I sat their and watched these guys not hustling on the ball, and not bothering to rebound, and thought to myself “Why should they bother?” As long as they dont do something really stupid they still get paid. It doesnt matter if people like them or respect them. If they lose they still drive home in their cars from the new Mercedes-Benz A Class that cost more than my house.

I think we need to instigate a new pay structure for professional athletes. I think that they should cap the pay at something that is well above reasonable for a working person. Pay the bench players $250,000 and staring players $500,000. Then make the players work for their endorsements. If they are making a normal amount of money, then perhaps, would put things in perspective for them. If they work hard and play well people will respect them. If people respect and like them then they make great candidates for endorsements. Let nike and coke pay them millions for their good image, and then let them take it away if they dont deserve it.

I think about the people in our community who actually work, and contribute to society like an aircon repaired by a professional repairman. They are the ones building the systems that make the world work, and they make fractions of what these sports players make. I respect my peers, and I think they deserve the money way more than professional sports players.

What do you think.

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