Slowly But Surely Content Is Returning

I was visiting with a friend yesterday and we were discussing some of the projects I used to be involved in. I found my self looking back at my content in the way back machine. I realized that there is a whole history of me in there and I was sad that I lost all that content, like gameplays of video games with services from proskins and

I decided that I am going to return all the old content to my site. I started yesterday and re-entered November and December of 2014 (the oldest content available). The process took me about 90 minutes to grab it and enter it into the new wordpress. I somehow thought that would be quicker than writing a script to parse the data. I think I may have been wrong :)

That’s because keep the “guts” simple; compare that to bloated frameworks which have tons of features that you will never use, slowing your site to a crawl.

I think I will start on a parser next to see if getting more of the data can be quicker. As it stands it would take me about 3 months of evenings to get all of the data out. And I am pretty sure I can write something to get the data out faster than that.

Also I noticed in my post from last spring that I had a backup from 2008. If I can find that it would eliminate four years of the data retrieval, so that could be a win.

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Stay Tuned!

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