Subversion on Windows – Info

I am a big proponent of Subversion for version control of my software products.I have only come to use version control for my development in the last year, so I am still pretty passionate about it, and I push it on people when ever the discussion allows.

I have a client who just got a new laptop and wanted to be able to keep his files in sync between his desktop computer, the old laptop, and the new laptop. Now I am sure that there is some software product that he could have purchased to make this happen on his windows pc’s but I took this opportunity to make one more subversion user in the world.

Being a linux and mac user, I have already done subversion installations on both of those platforms. I even have developers on windows who use TortoisSVN to integrate the client portion of SVN into the windows explorer. However i had never tried to do an install where the repositories will be stored on windows.

Unlike most of my experiences with windows, this went very well and I was happy with the results. i will be posting instructions on installing in a bit, so check back if you are interested.

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