Upgrade Docker on OS X

Docker is in a very fast development cycle. If you are using it for real work it may be months between when you come up for air and have to change your workflow. I have found that its quite common for several releases to have gone by without me noticing. Today I tried to run a cleanup command that was listed in the docker documentation but the command didn’t work in my environment.

It was time to upgrade docker.

If you have been using docker for a long time you may have installed using docker-osx.  There was a time when boot2docker didn’t setup volumes in a way that made development and local use of containers very useful.  That has been remedied.  So make sure you are managing docker via boot2docker.

If you are using boot2docker then upgrading is easy. From the command line you can just type

boot2docker upgrade

This will take care of updating the boot2docker and docker binaries for your OS X system.