Why change blog.cfc?

Not for any good reason.I have used several blog software projects, and had decided to roll my own. But personal projects always take a back burner to Customer Projects, so it hadn’t happened.

When ray released his blog.cfc software I found that he had a functional feature-full blog software package. This is obvious from the acceptance the blog has had from community members.

The problem is… I have a problem running software that I had no place in creating. If something has been open sourced, then it is my duty to add my own flavor to it. I am also making an effort to explore OO Design in CF apps, and saw this as an excellent opportunity to both play, and create something that could be useful in the community.

And although I intend to release the work I have done on this blog once all the pieces are in place, it will never be as well tested, or well thought out as ray’s original code.

So if you are looking to run a blog, I suggest you use ray’s code. OR if you are a fusebox user take a look at what sean has done with the code base.

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